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UK & the Final Solution

25th June 2016

So now the die is caste for the United Kingdom to exit the European Community. The citizens of England and Wales, especially the less intelligent ones, have been convinced that the ills that beset the country will be cured by leaving. This decision leaves fellow Europeans and the world aghast at the enormity of this mistake brought about, not by the failures of the EU and they are many, but the failures of successive British governments who have singularly ignored the huge influx of immigrants from alien cultures and belief systems. Indeed from Champagne Socialist to Right Wing Tories these immigrants have been pandered to and misconducts overlooked on the basis of being called racist. Socialist leaning government departments, a legacy of the Harold Wilson Labour governments, have fallen over themselves to hand out millions of pounds in benefits, favour housing migrants against the indigenous population while continuing to force multi-racialism onto the public who did not get consulted on this issue.

For decades the British people have been extremely tolerant of immigrants especially those encouraged to settle here to work in our national services and less skilled low paid occupations. Never the less the warning signs have been evident for many years that those who have propped up our system would have families who would expect to be cared for and larger numbers of children of their own. This, in addition to recalcitrant indigenous citizens, has spawned an ever increasing population dependent on the benefits of our welfare state. Enoch Powell prophesied problems in his much maligned “Rivers of Blood” speech years ago wherein the possibility of “Rivers” was but a small and, perhaps, an inadvisable expression (although it nearly happened in Sparkbrook not so long ago). One might ask why successive politicians have ignored the issue for so long?

So now the “Tom Toms” of Nationalism have been heard and the herd have reacted. Those that would have supported Oswald Mosely in the 1930s have rallied to the UKIP cause and the newer incarnation manifest in Nigel Farage aided and abetted by the far right, but less brave, Tories similar to those who would have further appeased Hitler and lived in a sort of Vichy Britain. David Cameron is resigned soon to be followed by many of his cabinet and the “Nasty” Conservatives will reign. These are largely people who want to be big fish in a small pond keeping the proletariat in their place and most particularly the Union and Labour movement. Under such a regime the in between classes will not fair well as the cost of living rises more quickly, taxation increases and welfare benefits including health care contract.

There is not likely to be a credible alternative political party available for the British public to support within the next twelve months or perhaps longer. The Conservatives will go for a quick General Election to establish the mandate of the right wing Nationalists. British democracy will be set back a generation with the prospects of a break up of the United Kingdom first with Scotland’s independence and later with either the shrinking of Northern Ireland at the very least with the loss of the border counties to the republic.

Donald Trump has declared Britain has won back its independence but don't expect too much support from the USA even if, heaven forbid, he becomes President. Trump regards Britain as a golf course and like most of the American establishment is interested in making money. Even a Democratic government in the USA will be distanced from the UK as we wait at the back of the economic queue. They know far more money can be gained from other areas of the world not least the European Community. Don't forget the US would never had bailed out Britain after the second world war had it not been for the threat of Communism against Western Germany where they needed to plough millions of dollars. Our special relationship owes itself to our subservience to the US cause through NATO not any more to the convenience of using Britain as an unsinkable aircraft carrier nearby to Europe.

We are likely to gain short shrift from our Commonwealth partners after we effectively dumped them in favour of the European Common Market and rising stars like India have already passed verdict on our viability by way of the powerful and influential conglomerate TATA backing away from their investment in UK steel production. It will not be long before Nissan and Honda will be following Ford in moving their production into the eastern areas of Europe and many other multi-national businesses will follow suit. Not suddenly but inexorably.

So what will be the outcome of this decision. Initially the Conservative party will gain the initiative to install a right wing leader as the new unelected Prime Minister. Undoubtedly they will go to the country in a General Election to establish a mandate for the new government and will do so while the Labour and Liberal Democrat parties are in disarray. We are likely to see the pound sterling loose value against the dollar in the months ahead, the Bank of England will be forced to raise interest rates to defend the currency on the global markets. Mortgage interest will rise, fuel prices will rise together with many other commodities and our exports will reduce against none existent trade arrangements with most of the world. Taxation will rise to meet the extra costs of welfare required due to greater unemployment and social unrest will increase as citizens become aware of the failed promises of the right wing Conservative government. Inevitably the tide of public opinion will swing away and an opportunity will arise for the Labour party to present itself as a credible alternative but the danger is that the polarisation of politics in Britain will produce a form of National Socialism keen to take control of every aspect of the citizen's lifestyle. This form of Socialism will be funded surreptitiously by the Chinese Communist party and, maybe, meddling Russian influence too.

Meanwhile, what of the public aspiration to reduce the influx of immigrants both from Europe and elsewhere. They will not stop coming. They will not be held up in France and the low countries but present themselves at Dover and other ports, airports and on the beaches around the country. Most will have discarded their national identity and claim asylum so where do we send them back. Sure, carrying companies can be held responsible for bringing fare paying travellers but this will mean greater cost for the British traveller going abroad and more inconvenience on returning through our own immigration check points. To increase our security we will have to establish reception camps around the country similar in nature to the concentration camps we and the Germans have used in past times. Either that or we will have to let illegal immigrants free on license to roam around Britain only to loose track of them as past experience has proved. Either way it will be an expensive business and what do we do with people languishing in camps or bed sit accommodation nearby to the border crossings in Northern Ireland or Scotland and around the coast of England. Do we put them to forced labour work while we decide what to do with them for we cannot throw human being back into the sea nor will we be readily able to transport them to other parts of the world unless we can prove their original citizenship. Even then they may be subject to inhuman treatment by their county of birth.

So what is Britain's Final Solution going to be?