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UK vs EU

27th June 2016

Pro EU Alliance

Bravo to the AVAAZ TEAM. I'm not sure about the lovey dovey theme to your campaign but you are right to lead on the resistance to the United Kingdom proposal to leave the European Union. At 72 years old you might describe me as a Green Pragmatic Liberal Democrat and what we need now is an alliance of of all Pro European political parties and supporting organisation to band together and be prepared to offer the electorate the chance to change their minds.

The first pressure that should be brought to bear on the new Conservative administration is to delay the implementation of Article 50 until they have a firm mandate laid upon them by way of a victory at an inevitable General Election. Almost certainly this will have to come about before the end of the year but after the election of a new Conservative Party leader. This period will give the British public time to digest the enormity of the referendum result.

Meanwhile, in order for the British public to finally ratify the result of the referendum the political parties that wish to remain within the European Union should come together and agree not to oppose one and another in the electoral seats of the United Kingdom in order that there is a straight choice between possibly only two candidates one representing the implementation of the referendum result, (probably a Conservative candidate), and one representing one of the parties committed to a UK for EU Alliance.

Please AVAAC team initiate a campaign along these lines immediately and start contacting suitable political leaders starting with the leader of the Liberal Democrats as they are the party already declaring an intention to run on a mandate against leaving the European Union. The disunited Labour Party needs to be lobbied and agreement sought from either the existing leader or a new one if they emerge meantime. It is essential that the Conservative Party strategy of “Divide and Rule” is not allowed to manifest as so often it has done in the past. An alliance of other parties must make it very clear that the objective of their opposition to the Conservative Government's plan to remove Britain from the European Union is to allow a second chance for the electorate to rethink or otherwise mandate the Conservatives to progress the policy of disengagement with the union.