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Name of document - Election Address to Quainton Railway Society

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Date of document - 16 April 2014

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This address was presented to the Society AGM by Tony Lyster on behalf of the condidate.

Fellow Members,

May I apologise for not being present at your AGM but last November my wife booked a short holiday break in Devon for this weekend culminating in Sunday lunch at the Burgh Island Hotel famous for its Art Deco architecture and furnishings. I would be dead meat if I tried to cancel this treat!

You may ask why a relative newcomer to QRS has the temerity to accept a nomination to your Executive and the first reason is because it was suggested to me by another member. That person suggested that I might bring my skills and commercial experience to the Executive table.

So what are these other than I have run my own business for thirty years having rescued it from insolvency caused by others earlier. I did this by applying innovative business practices not normally associated with the market place that my business traded. Throughout the following years I have had to adapt and adjust these ideas to survive several recession periods which most of you will have experienced yourselves. I am now semi-retired from that business and soon to be fully free of those responsibilities.

Recently I have been credited with taking the initiative in rescuing the Aylesbury Literary Club from almost certain demise where I was able to claw together new ideas on how to refinance the club in order to refurbish their premises which otherwise would have been condemned for faulty wiring. We also needed to completely rebuild the kitchen to comply with modern hygiene standards to enable the installation of new catering tenants in the form of The Aylesbury Wine Bar.

The second reason for my accepting this nomination is that of tackling the lack of volunteers especially those who might not be great engineering enthusiasts but could be persuaded that the commercial aspects of the QRS are equally important to the survival of the Buckinghamshire Railway Museum without which the core reasons for you all being at this meeting will cease. The trigger for my acceptance was that of the death of Aubrey Hughes who was my mentor and advisor in terms of acting as your commercial roster clerk until he died. Aubrey was very keen that the Quainton Centre should flourish and we had many discussions about the difficulties presently apparent to us all.

Finally, I should say I am not all “Commercial” as I am a technician by trade and just as keen on all things that run on rails, float on canals or even consist of wood and canvass and yet make it into the air. I am also interested in the social history of all these travelling and transport mediums so, if you are persuaded to vote me onto your Executive, I will endeavour to square the circle of interests for everyone.

Some of you may already be aware I have made a start at attracting young engineers by a liaison with the Peter's Railway publications and in a joint venture with our friends at VAMES become part of the Peter's Railway National Treasure Hunt as a venue to visit. I think some of you who have reservations about Quainton becoming a fairground attraction will appreciate the technical bias of these books designed to encourage youngster to take up engineering as well as being quite entertaining in the stories that are told.

I look forward in trepidation the outcome of your deliberations.

Raymond W L Powell