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Name of document - Honorary Treasurer's objections to June Business Report

Format of original document - Text saved in MS Word 2000/ME

Date of document - 12/06/15

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This document was circulated by e-mail to all Executive members on the morning of 12 June 2015

Agenda item 5; Replacement of Catering Manager

In an email to all Exec members on hearing of Tina’s resignation I recommended that we offer Laura the position of Temporary Catering and Events Manager. Having previously conducted a personal interview with Laura I concluded that she had the intelligence, skills and dedication in spades to make a good fist of this. This to me remains the best option. To recruit runs the risk of a person not actually fitting into our irregular schedule and variable volunteer cover. In separate emails both Ray and Colin have supported this view.

There then came a series of remarks about Laura not wanting the job. This surprised me as it was contrary to my understanding. More surprising was when I spoke to Laura on 10 June 2015 to discover that Ray had not discussed the role directly with Laura and that her remarks were based on frustration at being kept uninformed although QRS will be heavily reliant upon her help until a permanent solution is found.

I stated that the job of Temporary Catering and Events Manager would be:

1. Full time

2. Would obviously be at a higher salary than currently

3. Would have proper support staff to ensure that she could have her statutory meal times and holiday entitlement

4. That there would be sick pay (indicative 4 weeks p.a.)

5. That there would be training available

6. That there would be a pension scheme available (legislation demands this)

7. That she could include responsibility for schools (she has a volunteer to assist in this)

8. That she would cease all facilities responsibility

9. That she would report to the Commercial Manager (not the Portfolio Holder)

I strongly recommend that Laura be offered this temporary role until 31 December 2015.

Ray has a friend who has been the director of a relevant catering company who has offered to advise and we would be wise to accept this.

On the day that Ray was supposed to speak with Laura in the morning, and did not, he brought in Cheryl Eaton of Barnies. At a meeting on 10 June it was obvious throughout the meeting that he had decided to appoint Cheryl Eaton as Catering Manager although she stated that she was not yet in a position to state costs and benefits or even commit herself and her company to doing this. Regrettably Ray displayed an ignorance of the catering arrangements (such as different offerings for different events) and was dismissive of the important contribution of John Hatton. I believe that he decided on hunch alone and I corrected the situation by stating that the decision would be made by the Exec when sufficient information was available. As treasurer I absolutely oppose another unprofessional arrangement and absolutely favour an employed Catering Manager whether that be Laura or ANO.

During discussions I suspected that Cheryl Eaton was not experienced in the provision of freshly cooked food like sausages, chips, beans, baked potatoes etc. I believe that the Barnies website supports this concern in that Barnies are a sandwich company. I suppose BR sandwiches do have history!

David Aplin
(Honorary Treasurer QRS Ltd)