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Name of document - Audit trail of e-mails to Officers of QRS

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Date of document - 04/06/15

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This document was circulated by e-mail to all Officer members on the evening of 4 June 2015

From: "rwlp-exec" <rwlp-exec@qrs.me.uk>

To: "Peter Mitchell" <petermitchell539@btinternet.com>; "David Aplin" <aplin_david@sky.com>; "Brian Ammann" <secretary@bucksrailcentre.org>

Sent: 04 June 2015 22:26

Subject: Possible new Catering Manager Appointment


Yesterday, as some of you know, I had meetings at Quainton with two individuals regarding the future of catering at BRS. In the first instance I met with Barry Wilson a retired Executive Director of a Conference Centre group who in earlier times started from the level of being a chef. My objective with Barry is to consider the longer term management alternatives we might consider that will enhance the offering we make to our visitors while at the same time returning a significant profit contribution to the Centre.

Barry had a good look round at the catering facilities that we have available and a long conversation with Laura to assess our current operation plus he took a look at the whole site except for VAMES or beyond platform 4.

Barry was also interested in seeing our Forward Plan so that he can formulate suggestions that fall within the scope of this plan without compromising the objectives of our restoration projects and continue accommodating the volunteers associated with this work. Barry has also taken with him details of our corporate events and wedding literature together with our public distributed leaflet detailing our current calendar of events.

The second meeting I had was with a prospective person who is interested in stepping into the role of Catering Manager for the immediate future, that is to say after the 14th of June. Again we had a good look around and the lady in question, Cheryl Eaton, was extremely interested in our whole operation and feels she can contribute to the visitor satisfaction with her experience of catering to a wider audience than that our current manger has access. Coming from a complementary commercial environment Cheryl is equally keen to ensure that the catering operation runs at a significant profit and that our current three star rating is increased to that of five. I have requested Cheryl to give me a proposal for covering this job that she will feel comfortable to offer while still fulfilling our requirement for anti-social opening days across the board including school holiday Wednesday opening.

I have made it clear that I expect any arrangement to take into consideration the role of John Hatton as our Cashier with the implications that all takings will pass through our tills plus at least, for the foreseeable future, the supply of sausages and bacon remaining with our existing supplier. She is also aware that a significant element of volunteer staff will be available for table clearing plus Laura in her present role although she may well have to supplement our kitchen staff with someone from her own business. This is because I understand from Laura that one of Tina's loyal volunteers is also taking the opportunity to stand down. I also intend that Laura is able to take a rest break during her working day which has not been the case under the present arrangements. You will be aware that Laura starts work very early on Sunday mornings and should therefore be entitled to a break before the main lunch time period.

I am hopeful that we can achieve an arrangement that at the very least will last us until the end of the year and that if proves to be less compatible that initially expected will give us time to consider other solutions. I will also invite Barry Wilson for his considered comments on any proposal so that we have the benefit of professional advice. I very much hope to have these shorter term proposals available for the Executive to consider and perhaps approve at the meeting of June 13th.

Meanwhile, we will have to consider reducing any arrangements into a contract stipulating the job description both for the appointed Catering Manager and our volunteers including Laura's ongoing role as a Catering Assistant.


PS I have not circulated this information to any other persons a Quainton and one or other or all of you as Officers may deem it prudent to advise directly interested parties like John Hatton, Adrian Aylward and Tina of these matters that are in hand.