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Name of document - Audit trail of e-mails to Officers of QRS

Format of original document - Text saved in MS Word 2000/ME

Date of document - 02/06/15

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This document was circulated by e-mail to all Officer members on the evening of 2 June 2015

From: rwlp-exec@qrs.me.ukTo: petermitchell539@btinternet.com, "Brian Ammann" <secretary@bucksrailcentre.org>, "David Aplin" <aplin_david@sky.com>Sent: Tue, Jun 2, 2015, 12:27 AMSubject: Catering updateHi Guys,

Just to keep you updated that I had a long conversation with Laura this morning and reassured her of her position in respect of the catering department re-organisation. She was worried that Tina told her that she, Tina, had been told her she, Laura, would be taking over as Catering Manager. Laura reiterated that she does not want the job so I placated her and advised she pays no attention to the rumour mill as nothing has yet been decided as to how we will cope with the departure of Tina.

I think Laura was satisfied with my explanation and is happy to join in my meeting with Barry Wilson on Wednesday.

In view of the circumstances and Laura's evident reluctance to take over the Catering Manager's job I have taken the opportunity to make contact with a customer of mine in Aylesbury already in the catering trade. This established business operates a mobile sandwich service to the factories and offices plus corporate catering.

I had hoped that the owners might be able to suggest a local avenue to find suitable candidates for selection to interview for a new Catering Manager. As it turns out the lady owner of this business immediately expressed an interest in taking on the role as an adjunct to her weekday business or at least support us until a new arrangement is put in place. We talked at some length about the possibilities and the scope of the Quainton operation including the required opening days throughout the year and these details did not put off this lady.

Before taking this prospect forward we have agreed that she should visit our establishment and I have invited her to meet me a Quainton at 14:30 on Wednesday afternoon where I can show her our facilities and introduce to Laura and, maybe, one or two of you guys. We have not yet discussed any arrangements as to how we integrate this lady into out operation or remuneration but there are several possibilities the front runner in my mind is an arrangement much like Sarah's because our lady is already self employed.

I hope you are in agreement with this action and by the time I am at Quainton I will have the lady's name which is currently in my car and it is pouring with rain and I don't fancy getting wet.