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Name of document - Audit trail of e-mails regarding Commercial Manager - March 2015

Format of original document - Text saved in MS Word 2000/ME

Date of document - March 20/15

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From: "Commercial1" <commercial1@bucksrailcentre.org>
To: rwlp-exec@qrs.me.uk, "Colin Ashman" <ashmancol@aol.com>, "Richard Cumming" <snrwoodchip@bucksrailcentre.org>, JUDITHEMMRSN@aol.com, "Brendan Lawrik" <Brendan1@hotmail.co.uk>
CC petermitchell539@btinternet.com, "'Brian Ammann'" <secretary@bucksrailcentre.org>, "'David Aplin'"

Date: Thu, Mar 5, 2015, 2:06 PM

Subject: RE: Re[2]: Final proof


I always do my upmost to support the society and carry out my duties diligently but I will not tolerate bully boy tactics from individual committee members. I currently carry out numerous roles within this organisation for which I am only paid one salary. If you feel you could get someone better to do all this for you I suggest you start looking elsewhere! Otherwise kindly give me the support to carry on and not just try to boost your own importance at my expense. I fully appreciate this does not apply to all committee members.


Adrian Aylward
Commercial Manager
T: 01296 655720
E: commercial1@bucksrailcentre.org

From: rwlp-exec@qrs.me.uk [mailto:rwlp-exec@qrs.me.uk]
Sent: 04 March 2015 23:02
To: Commercial1
Cc: petermitchell539@btinternet.com; Brian Ammann; David Aplin

Subject: Re[2]: Final proof


The Traction Engine Rally will appear in the Autumn/Winter edition of our leaflet. An exception to the end date of August 31st has been made in respect of the Thomas listing because space allowed and these events are most important to the revenue capture for the museum.

This is our summer edition which has been approved by the Executive Committee on the 28th February subject to the latest change to the front cover that has now been approved by the Chairman and Secretary plus the minor errors being corrected.

It is not within your remit to refuse to sign off this publication and for you to do so is gross misconduct and may be the subject of a review of your conduct in these matters.

May I remind you that you have a responsibility to the Executive Committee to carry out the duties of Commercial Manager which are subservient to the will of the committee acting as Trustees for the Society.

Unless I receive any further legitimate items of technical error contained within the final proof copy by 12:00 Noon on Thursday 5th March I will instruct Lee Upton to prepare camera ready copy of the leaflet as is and you will be expected to either request Lee to transmit this copy

to the printer directly or receive this copy for onward transmission to the printers together with the order instructing them to proceed with the print run.

You are expressly forbidden to interfere or in anyway interrupt or attempt to modify this finalised copy unless agreed by all three officers of the QRS in my absence.

You are required to conduct this any any other business in an orderly and well mannered fashion and we, the Executive Committee, do not expect to have reported to us misdemeanour’s or angry verbal outbursts directed to or about any persons involved with the production of this publication or any other matter relating to the conduct of business in general within the BRC.

I also expect to have your confirmation of the arrangements to order the extra point of sale equipment from Messrs Merlin Software Ltd and that this equipment will be available for me to collect from their place of business in Barnsley on Monday 9th March. You are aware that these provisional arrangements are already in hand subject to you placing the order in good time with Merlin. You were advised last Monday that this order can be made with Merlin.

Please be aware that this e-mail represents an official instruction and I will not tolerate facetious signing off remarks on any further communications from you.

Raymond Powell
(QRS Trustee & Business Portfolio Holder)

From: "Commercial1" <commercial1@bucksrailcentre.org>
To: "'RWLP-EXEC'" <rwlp-exec@qrs.me.uk>, "'Peter Mitchell'" <petermitchell539@btinternet.com>,
"'David Aplin'" <aplin_david@sky.com>, "'Brendan Lawrik'" <brendan1@hotmail.co.uk>, "'Micheal
Patterson'" <micheal13@live.co.uk>, "'Colin Ashman'" <ashmancol@aol.com>, "'Judith Emmerson'"
<JUDITHEMMRSN@aol.com>, "'Richard Cumming'" <snrwoodchip@bucksrailcentre.org>

Sent: Wed, Mar 4, 2015, 12:29 PM
Subject: RE: Final proof

So still no calendar or mention of the Traction Engine Rally despite numerous requests. Printing this is a complete waste of time and I will not sign it off!



Adrian Aylward
Commercial Manager
T: 01296 655720
E: commercial1@bucksrailcentre.org

From: RWLP-EXEC [mailto:rwlp-exec@qrs.me.uk]
Sent: 03 March 2015 22:59
To: Peter Mitchell; David Aplin; Brendan Lawrik; Micheal Patterson; Colin Ashman; Judith Emmerson;
Richard Cumming
Cc: Adrian Ayleward

Subject: Final proof


Attached is the final proof, (I hope), of the distributed leaflet for our museum. This now incorporates a photo image on the front cover in place of the original artist impression of a locomotive. Lee Upton found this in the archive of QRS after we had both spend quite some time searching for something suitable. The other minor amendments have been carried out.

I am off to Yorkshire on Friday morning and not due back until Tuesday afternoon next week so if need to have any further technical amendments by Thursday morning latest in order to get them to Lee and returned before I depart. If I hear nothing then I shall instruct Lee to prepare the finished artwork and arrange with Adrian to have it sent to the printers.